This page is a chronicle of my journey out of religion. Only recently have I had the guts to admit to myself what I have suspected for years – that there is no personal God. There is plenty of love, beauty, and joy in this world. But there is no invisible all-knowing being who has to be asked for things like health before he’ll provide it. There is no unseen hand that finds Westerners parking spaces while children in other nations die of starvation. Women are not the source of evil or temptation. On the contrary, we are so necessary and competent that we often make the “stronger sex” quite nervous. Black people are not cursed. We are the original human beings; we are just as lovely as any other race, given a fair chance. Religion has brought an enormous amount of misery and division to the world. All I want to do during my brief life is to make my little circle of influence on the planet a little brighter through love, reason, and critical thinking.


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