Healthy Humanist

Today is the first day I’m chronicling my move towards a more compassionate and healthy lifestyle. From the evidence I’ve seen, there is no denying the fact that the meat and dairy industries are doing more damage to our environment than the oil industry. There is also no denying that a plant-based diet is the healthiest one. It is also the most conducive to preventing and reversing disease.

I have known this for years. But it wasn’t until health challenges touched me personally that I decided to give a vegetarian diet another look.  I have tried vegetarianism two other times in my life. One time I lasted a year; another time I lasted two years. Each time I was starving all the time and gained weight. However, both times I only focused on not eating animal flesh. I never worried about consuming fruits and vegetables nor avoiding sugar and refined products. This time, because I am actually trying to reverse a medical condition, I’ve changed my approach.

This week was my first shopping trip since making this decision. Not knowing what I was doing, I simply dumped a bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables into my cart. I bought a veggie steamer and a strainer. I’ve started every day this week with a veggie smoothie and have thrown random vegetables into whatever I’d planned on eating. For example, I bought some pasta and a simple pasta sauce. Then I stir fried a random combination of vegetables and dumped them into the pasta sauce. It. was delicious!!!

I’m hoping that, by blogging about this and making videos, I am going to stay on track and successfully change my diet. I am easing myself into this lifestyle, being diligent during the week and letting up on the weekends. I had originally decided I was going to eat whatever I wanted on the weekends. However after only three days, I found that I really didn’t want “whatever” – meaning junk. For example, on Friday I was in a food court and – with every temptation surrounding me – ended up eating a falafel sandwich. It was divine.

I am noticing that, as a humanist, I am taking things like my health much more seriously. Prayer does not save people from their terrible habits. Prayer doesn’t do much of anything other than make people feel better. My approach is to take action, and then document the results for anyone reading to see. It will also help keep me accountable. For better or for worse, this is an experiment worth conducting.

Stay tuned!



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